The first step of our master bedroom makeover was pretty simple. All we needed was paint and faux brick!


Let’s talk paint. My favourite brand is Dulux for a couple reasons. First, I love how thick it is! We used the same light greige paint colour throughout our house and it covered the darker beige in just two coats. Not having to prime the entire wall before painting saves a ton of time! Second, it self-levels. After I roll, I’m always a little concerned about it looking streaky, but once it dries, it looks perfect! I also bought my favourite paint brush for edging at Dulux. I recommend spending money on a good edging brush. It makes all the difference!

Faux Brick Panelling 

We bought this faux brick paneling from Lowes a few years ago, and it sat in the garage while I procrastinated. I thought it was going to be a lot harder to put up than it was! Here’s the simple steps we took to put our paneling up:

  1. Measure the wall you’d like to convert.

    I measured twice to make sure we had it right before we started cutting.

  2. Use a circular saw to trim any excess on the faux brick panel.

    Make sure to measure and cut out holes for any electrical outlets as well.

  3. Mark the position of the wall studs on the floor with painters tape.

  4. Use a nail gun to attach the faux brick panels to the studs.

  5. Use spackling to fill nail holes and spaces between panels. 

  6. Sand and touch up with paint.

    Don’t overfill the space between the panels. I did this, and it was a pain in the butt to sand down. Depending on where you are putting the panels, you might be able to skip this step all together. 

I didn’t love the original colour of the paneling. Once it was in our bedroom, it looked more green than grey. An easy fix for this was white washing the brick paneling. I mixed ¼ cup of  Dulux’s Gripper with a cup of water and spread this over the brick with a paint brush and voila! Now it’s a beautiful light grey that matches our walls perfectly!

Next up will be our bedframe and headboard, the first we’ll have since buying our king-sized bed!

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