Wait, what? I’m turning 30!?

I don’t feel like a 29 year old… but the math adds up, so I must be! With the crazy year its been, I didn’t even realize my birthday was coming up. Sad, I know! Over the Christmas break John asked me what I’d like to do for my birthday and I know I looked at him like “Why would you ask that, what a wierd question” then I realized oh ya, my birthday is in less than a month! Planning anything seemed a little silly with the current Covid-19 restrictions, but it did inspire me to write out some things I’d like to do before I turn the big 3-0!

I started listing out a few things I thought of immediately! I got about 10 down, then decided to scower pinterest for some ideas… not a good idea! Most of the “bucket list” or “things to do in your 20’s” made me a little sad. Most included places to travel, which I love! But, we don’t know when non-essential international travel will be back at this point. John and I normally have a trip planned for our anniversary in February at by now, so the thought of including international travel just made me bummed. Lots also included “start a family” or “start a business” which are great goals! But, also not as easy as they sound (especially in a year)… soooo the pinterest seach ended pretty quick! Instead I decided to focus my last year in my 20’s doing things I’ve always wanted to do, but either have not made the time for or didn’t have the funds to. No more of “One day I’ll…” Instead “one day” has turned into “before I turn 30”!

30 Things I will do before turning 30

Some of these may seem strange to you, but that’s becuase you are not me! I listened to a podcast from Jenna Kutcher (linked here) where she talked about goal planning for 2021. I recently did this too, (click here for the blog post I did on this) but I love that she discussed how she asked her self “will this bring me peace?” for each goal. With my 30 before 30 list I wanted this to be less about personal goals and more about happiness. Instead of asking will this bring me peace, I wanted to approach each item with “Will this bring me joy?”

  1. Finish The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels by Philippa Gregory
    • I was recently listening to a conference and a speaker was discussing things you shouldn’t do in a day if you want to be productive. Most of his points were great, but one thing he said was about not reading for fun. This made me mad (clearly, I still rememeber it months later). WE SHOULD READ FOR FUN! I love self development books, but I vow to make time to read (or listen to audio books like I do normally) just for fun!
  2. Watch all of the Star Wars movies
    • I like Star Wars, but I honestly don’t know if I’ve watched the 3 originals start to finish. Plus if you know John and I, we love to pick a “movie series” and watch them all in order. I know this will be a long, but amazing one!
  3. Listen to the Top 50 albums start to finish
    • I use to spend a lot more time searching out new and old music, but now I’m terrible for opening spotify and clicking what ever playlist comes up first. I saw Elsie Larson on instagram talking about how they pick a new album to listen to with their girls each week and thought this was brilliant. Instead of making a list of albums I decided to listen to Rolling Stone’s Top 50 Albums. The list actually includes 500, but I stuck with 50 so that I can basically do an album a week. This way I can listen to it multiple times and learn a bit about it. I started with #50 with is Jay-Z’s “The Blueprint” and I’m already loving my life! It’s easy to forget how much you like a song, or how it can make you feel until the second you hear it! As soon as “Takeover” starts I am jacked! Doesn’t matter if I’m going for a walk, filling in property details, or making supper, I’m going to be doing it with authority after listening to that song!
  4. Perfect the soufflé pancake
    • I ate so many of these when we were in Seoul. Like I could probably go around our house if I stacked them end to end…. ya that many! They are delicous, but not so easy to make! I made us some on Christmas and they were better, but not perfect so the work continues. This was the “Wholewheat Pancake” at Grain Seoul and it tasted even better than it looks!
  5. Invest in a few stocks
    • Something I could really do at anytime! I even took a weekend course on investing so I know the basics! I just haven’t taken the time to sit down and do it, because risk is hard for me. Especially with money!
  6. Take a solo weekend trip
    • Originally I wanted to go out of country for this, but since travel will be limited this year, I’ve changed this to a weekend trip anywhere. I have to credit this to one of my clients, Brianna! When I first met with her about their mortgage she had just gotten back from taking a solo trip to Hawaii. She told me about how she spent her days and that she thought everyone should take a trip alone every few years to spend time with themselves. I think this is such a beautiful idea and a great way to really have some time with your thoughts, uninterupted.
  7. Gamble
    • Again, risk with money is hard for me! I’ve used a slot machine once… John’s not a big gambler, but he is pretty good at black jack! So I’m going to have him teach me so I can play at least one game!
  8. See a live ballet
    • I’ve always thought ballet was beautiful, I even took classes for a year when I was little. But, turns out I have no rhythm and I’m not even a little bit graceful… that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it though!
  9. Sleep under the stars
    • I tried to sleep in our backyard soooo many times as a kid and I always chickened out, or got too cold. I’m an adult now! I won’t be scared (I hope!) and I have John and two fuzzy dogs to help keep me warm!
  10. Take a pottery class
    • Grande Prairie offers pottery classes and again, I’ve just never taken the time to go to them! I could be aweful at pottery, but I always think it looks fun and relaxing all at once. So why not try it?!
  11. Make a macaroon
    • I tried once and they were a major fail, but I mean John and I have been watching a lot of baking shows lately so I can probably make one no problem now right? Mostly I want to make these for my neices because I could make cute Kawaii looking faces and they’d think I was so cool!
  12. Watch the God Father
    • Could I do this literally any day of the week? Yes! Have I? No. But it’s happening! Its IMBD’s number #2 top rated movie and I just want to understand all the references that go with it!
  13. Hike 5 new trails with in 150km of us
    • John and I always make time to go for a hike while we’re on vacation, but we have so many nice trails so close to us! This year we’re going to check more of them out and find some favourites!
  14. Get my ID updated to show ‘donor’
    • This may seem a little morbid to think about for your birthday,. But, its about peace of mind. I want to know that if able, I could could help others even after I’m gone.
  15. Learn how to make sourdough
    • Sourdoough is the most delicious bread! How can you not want to have it fresh from the oven?! Plus, Aubrey at Helloimaubs has been posting the most dreamy loafs and will be doing a tutorial soon, so its fate telling me I need to learn!
  16. Learn to lay tile
    • I feel like this is a DIY’ers right of passage. This is probably going to be one thing I don’t just attempt on my own though… perhaps I can convince Lindi & Russel at Love Create Celebrate to teach me. They seem super patient, which will be key in trying to teach me!
  17. Host a fancy dinner party
    • I have so many cute things to use for a fancy dinner party! Plus who doesn’t want to drink fancy cocktails with their friends?
  18. Take John to the Badlands Passion Play
    • My parents took us to this when we were younger and I still remember it so vivedly. It is such a well done play, but a completely awe inspiring experiance becuase its in a natural ampetheatre. If you can go to Drumheller in the summer, this is an absolute must!
  19. Road trip with no plan to the destination or stops
    • Credit to my lovely friend Sarah for this one!
  20. Get our wedding album printed
    • I’m pretty sure everyone of my girlfriends will come at me for this! We have the most gorgous wedding photos from Tara & Joe at Terry Photo Co and I think only our parents have seem them all. Now I can bribe them all to come visit with a beautiful album to show them!
  21. Take Yena on a girly date
    • Yena is our oldest neice and she’s almost done High School. This doesn’t seem real to me! I had a small break about a month ago when I found a picture of her from when John and I first started dating. She was so little and she’s so grown up now! It’s getting harder to spend time together as she’s got her own schedule now, but I want to have some time the two of us! So next time we’re in BC I’m planning a whole day of girly fun for the two of us!
  22. Learn how to make rice John’s way
    • If you know, you know. If not check out the 1 minute mark on this video
  23. Build a hammock stand
    • I have a small hammock stand right now, but there was an unfortunate incident this summer where John and I were both laying in the hammock… lets just say the hammock did not make it! Good news is, I have a better, more beautiful hammock from Thailand, but I need a longer stand for it! This is my favourite place to chill and read a book in the summer, so its a must!
  24. Spend a day eating my childhood “treats”
    • I’m not sure about the full menu yet, but its definitely starting with a sugary cereal that my mom would only buy once or twice a year. Probably honey combs!
  25. Do a pull up (yes, just one is all I need)
    • I have very little upper body strength and this has been a goal of mine for years and years! I just want to be able to do one unassisted pull up!
  26. Find the perfect layered salad bowl (aka truffle bowl)
    • This may seem strange, but let me explain. When we get together with my side of the family for a big holiday meal I am usually in charge of bringing the msot delicious layered salad. My mom always used a triffle dish to make this and I’ve been searching for the perfect sized one for a while now, but all the ones I find seem too small or are angled. I will find the perfect bowl!
  27. Antique road (Alberta edition) with Mom
    • Both my mom and I love looking through thrift stores and antique shops, have since I was little! But, I’d like to make a little trip out of this and hit up a bunch of our favourites in Alberta!
  28. Donate Blood
    • Again, sort of random I know! It’s just something I’ve never done and I don’t know why! I’m pretty healthy, I’m not scared of needles really…just have to do it!
  29. Buy a record player
    • Again, I’d like to make music more of a concious choice instead of something thoughtless in my day. Plus, lets be real I’d love an excuse to make a purchase I’ve been wanting for a while now.
  30. Get my spoon ring fixed
    • This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a couple years now. This ring means so much to me as it was my Grandmas, but it starting crack from being worn so much. I’m hoping we can add some silver to the back so I can start wearing it daily again!

I hope sharing my 30 before 30 list will keep me accountable to making these happen and inspire and even bigger list for my thirties!