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Where my husband John and I share our adventures. It might be exploring other parts of the world, making a mess cooking up something in our kitchen, or making our house feel like home (my personal favouite!).

“Your braver than you believe, stronger than
you seem and smarter than you think.”


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Our Most Used Newborn Essentials

1 month at home with our baby!? I'm not sure how it's possible, but apparently we've been parents for a whole month now! We've been soaking up all the time at home, with tons of baby snuggles and what doesn't just seem like, but actually is a never ending cycle of...

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30 Before 30

30 Before 30

Wait, what? I'm turning 30!? I don't feel like a 29 year old... but the math adds up, so I must be! With the crazy year its been, I didn't even realize my birthday was coming up. Sad, I know! Over the Christmas break John asked me what I'd like to do for my birthday...

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